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AMVC is your sound board and creative collaborator in the amplification of your voice for your brand´s expansion and impact on a local and global perspective.

The strategy of our consultancy, and/or one on one consultation, is to follow your brand´s position and ensure its consistent and recognizable signature by suggesting: tailored, innovative, flexible and practical solutions for your products, services and marketing/PR materials.

Partnering with you, we integrate clear creative visual and narrative strategies to reach your goal.

Our aim is to work with you from development up to market launch to ensure a round program that best reflects the integrity and positioning of your brand.




AM Visual Communications was hired by HOUSE OF SURI for one year- 2 collections- for their consultancy services which lead among other things to the creation of the F/W 17 show.

The consultancy included weekly consultation and ideation sessions with the company’s partners. This was primarily to clarify and to apply the initial distinct branding guidelines, which were already pre-established by our team for the company through the AMVC’ Branding department. Few inquisitive meetings followed to then expand into cohesive branding strategies. These insightful sessions also involved a collaborative task in fine-tuning, researching and editing the designs, fabrics and vision for each collection from concepts to fashion direction, colour and visual appeal. Always in keeping with the brand’s culture, philosophy and projections, a very tight story was created to be then injected visually and verbally throughout all PR materials and various executions. Our multidisciplinary approach allowed us to bring fresh perspectives and suggestions for consistent treatments to every aspect of each collection and presentation. AMVC was working with the internal teams to generate ideas for pitching and proposals. We were the soundboard on the creative front and the advisors on market saleability. We introduced and connected House of Suri to important players in the industry from editors to sales agents. The consultancy work lead to pop-up opportunities, the very successful show, media exposure and great clout. In a short time, the brand was recognized and welcomed by agents and boutiques alike in Toronto as well as in London England.

HOUSE OF SURI Consultation and show production

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