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My experience with Angie, Arline & Maya at the Beauty Workshop was amazing!  This workshop was a very intensive and information dense program, which included a lot of hands on experience.  The process of being involved in a commercial-style beauty focused photo shoot was explained in detail and guidance was offered step-by-step in the most amazing collaborative and non-judgemental way. Despite the varying experience levels of the students, everyone was made to feel comfortable asking any questions at all.  The honest sharing of the industry experiences of the instructors provided an extremely valuable insight for me as I plan the course of my career as a makeup artist.  The portfolio review was VERY helpful for me, and since streamlining the contents of my portfolio as advised, I have had a lot more interest in my services.  A big thank you to these educators for helping me work towards making my dream job a reality!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             SARAH MARINA-Jan 28 '18