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 distinction with vision

creative direction

Our creative compass leads to inspire, direct and manage all creative projects with in depth, compelling and innovative artistic direction and creative design solutions.

 Our work here involves developing high-level concepts for all visual materials, then directing talent and creative teams. 

Approaching each project with a refined balance of insightful creative vision and critical foresight, we interpret and customize your intended message through a unified voice.

Through advertising campaigns, photography, videos, short films, web design, merchandising, fashion shows and visual displays, we implement the visual arc of your brand and assert its unity in a polished and compelling direction.

Our experience ensures to connect the pulse of global social, economic, environmental and cultural movements in an artistic, creative and inspirational expression of your message to be heard and dynamic.



AM Visual Communications and LEYLA KASHANI

After few meetings and in-depth study of the brand’s culture, collections, operation and projections, and after research and few consultation sessions, our team lead by our director, was responsible for helping derive creative concepts and direct all visual elements of the creative work from start to finish – generating unique, engaging, and fresh representations for the photo-shoot, web design and overall tone, thus amplifying the brand’s language.

With our creative direction services, our team was responsible for strategically designing visually compelling directional and unified designs, as well as for controlling the quality of all the artworks, typography, and layout deliverables across all media platforms- to the client’s satisfaction through the agency’s creative excellence and its expert visual execution standards.

This process included concept development as well as artistic direction, hiring and working with the talent appropriate to executing the desired imagery in accordance to the signature of the brand (which was developed through our visual branding services), designing and supervising all the creative aspect of graphic & web design, photography, copywriting, typography, and finally coordinating team-work efforts with all parties involved in meeting the determined deadline, look and budget.

Result: Happy customer, Clarity & Sophistication, International positioning.


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