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Vision is strategy that maps success


Fashion is our playground

and image making our backbone.

Enthusiasm, curiosity and integrity drive

our insight, strategy and fine visuals.


OUR mission

AM VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS is a multidisciplinary boutique branding agency founded by Arline Malakian, a visionary whose reputation and work speak for itself. We are a collective of associates and freelancers; it has become the agency´s mission to nurture and create tailor-made concepts and to deliver intuitive visual branding solutions from roots to market. We are the creative and visual strategists to bring distinct affinity to your brand.

Our signature is the un-compromised finesse, style, passion, teamwork, and innovative aspects of creative customization. We work collectively with you to define and showcase what best attributes the core values of your company to then express its identity in the most compelling way. We fine-tune all marketing materials in order to create the proper impact on your targeted audience. We translate, develop and process your objectives into fine visuals in order to deliver the desired brand experience.

We believe in the cultural drive behind every brand, and that values and authenticity- your brand’s blueprint- are most important for long term success. It is also our belief that the emotional engagement in each carefully planned imagery, as much as the consistency of message and form, is key to building loyalty and trust in your market.

Our work is based on experience, strategic & creative thinking, collaboration, and seamless & multi-facetted productions from foundation to delivery. Our effort based on insight and strategy, develops strong, richly nuanced visual language that is unique, authentic, convincing and identifiable.





Arline Malakian | Founder, creative director

Skill Set : Photography, Visual and Branding Strategy,  Creative and Artistic Direction, Production, Fashion Direction & Styling, Public Speaking.



Skill Set : Marketing, Business management.

Amanda miller | client representation

Skill Set : Public Relations.

Richard Font | director of finance

Skill Set : Accounting and Finance. 




Skill Set : Photography, Video, Journalism, Research, Post Production.

Natalia Kataoka | GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Skill Set : Graphic & Illustrative Design.

Mariana VM | contributor

Skill Set : Writing & Editing.


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