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Visual Branding

Seal your brand!

Your brand is your reputation and your livelihood, not just a logo. 

In AMVC, we distil your company´s core values, projections and target market to create and position your iconic voice.

It all starts with you; after an in-depth comprehensive analysis of your company’s unique foundation, mission and objectives, we process and articulate your corporate culture, style and philosophy. Visual branding becomes the beacon of all visual materials that follow. This is your stamp on which stories are built and imagery is drafted for your different platforms.

Through a conceptualized and inherent visual signature, we construct the brand´s archetype through unity and strength in order to establish the emotional connection between your product and your audience.




AM Visual Communications helped establish the look and language of these brands among others, in style and distinction: Goble design, House of suri, Nudestix, Jai international, Leyla Kashani, Arez, 1234 the collective and MC2 beauty.

A passion for innovation and creativity, inquisitive human psychology, along with an expertise in photography, motion, web and print design, plus AMVC’s association with various partners, gave us the ability to apply each of the created signatures into unified, integrated and multifaceted media applications; this facilitated the amplification of each of the brands singular voices with consistency and sophistication. The aim was to create a strong emotional connection with each of their individual audiences, through brand identity, visual imagery and indirect engaging implications. All of which were met with excellent results.

As we foremost celebrate integrity and creativity; insight and strategy, rooted in empathic listening, were always the first steps of the process. This followed the few meetings of Q and A set to define the core foundation, establish the philosophy, clarify the mission, visit the positioning and to then expand on the projections of these companies. We processed all of the above to develop and convey through graphic design and creative strategic thinking the essence of each individual brand, without compromise, in a visual, unified and distinctive signature, branding direction and story for lasting impressions. Collaboration was key on each step of the way as was passion and respect for time place and culture. Bottom line, we were able to create impactful emotional engagement through a stylized stamp and a richly nuanced intuitive thread, which tied together in coherence all visual internal and external materials that followed.


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